dilluns, 22 de maig de 2017

dilluns, 27 de març de 2017

Working with tablets

In the English class we are using tablets to play online quizzes and games. We work in groups to find out the answers. It is very funny, we like it a lot!


To practice comparatives and superlatives we played different online games, do you want to try?

dilluns, 13 de febrer de 2017


On the 2nd of February Doctor Frankenstein, Elisabeth and his monster visited our school. We watch the theatre play, but some of us became actors and actresses too! Frankenstein

Letters from Aleppo

As part of our refugees Project we received letters from Syrian children, we read it and then in groups we answered with new letters. These are our letters, click n t to read more...


Refugees welcome!

We are very concerned with the refugees problem so, we decided to create banners to protest and we hanged them in our school. Clck on the picture to watch the album.